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Online Workshops with Anastasia Suen - Author, Consultant, Teacher

The author of 185 books for children, teens and adults, I have been teaching writing and editing children's books since 1999. I started working with picture book writers, because that was what I knew. I sold my first three picture books in 1996. I had more stories to tell, so I kept writing and now I have sold books in every children's book format: board books, picture books, beginning readers, early chapter books, middle grade, and young adult. I have written books in all three genres: poetry, fiction and nonfiction. (You can see some titles on my books page, but not all of them are there. Some of my books are for school programs so they are not sold to the public, while others do not have my name on the cover because I wrote them as a ghostwriter.)

Over the years I have taught writing in all three genres and all six book formats. I currently offer these five online writing workshops:

  1. Intensive Picture Book Workshop
  2. Picture Book Character Workshop
  3. Picture Book Biography
  4. Nonfiction Picture Book Workshop
  5. Children's Novel Workshop

I also teach the four week Naturally Creative Workshop. In this workshop, you will learn to create the way nature does, in small steps day by day. There are NO critiques during the creativity workshop, so you can work any type of art or writing project. (Some students work on several different projects during the month.) The choice is up to you!

Q. How does it work?
A. Unlike the traditional classroom, we do not meet face to face for an online workshop. There are no "hours." We won't have any scheduled meetings, so it doesn't matter what your time zone is or which continent you live on! (Over the years I've worked with writers on six continents.) We will work together one-on-one via email.

Q. When does the workshop start?
A. The workshops begin on the first Wednesday of the month. (The workshops end each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.)

Q. The workshops for this month have already started. Can I sign up late?
A. Yes and no.

  1. Yes. All of the workshops are one-to-one, so if you send me a "late start" email it is possible to start your workshop on a different Wednesday.
  2. No. I end the workshops each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so I do not teach during the busy holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Q. When will you send me the lessons?
A. I will email you a new workshop lesson on Wednesday afternoons. You have until the following Wednesday to send in your homework.

Q. How do I send you my homework?
A. Just copy and paste your lesson into the body of the email and click reply to send it back to me. If your email program changes how the words look on the page, save it as a rich text file first. That will save most of your formatting. (Please note: I only accept attachments for manuscripts as that allows me to edit using the Track Changes function in Word.)

Q. How long will it take you to critique the manuscript I send in for lesson 12?
A. I will critique your manuscript within two business days. (I write in the morning and teach the workshops in the late afternoon and early evening Monday through Friday.)

Q. How long do I have to complete the lessons?
A. You have 12 weeks to complete the 12 workshop lessons. (That's 3 months.)

Q. Will you give me a partial refund if I can't finish all of the work before the deadline?
A. No. If you sign up for a workshop or a critique and need to cancel before we begin, please be advised that I charge a $20 handling fee for cancellations. After the session begins, fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. It's not easy to write and revise, but you can do it. No one knows your story like you do! Don't let fear get in the way. Set a timer for 25 minutes and start writing. Push fear aside and get it done.

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